The Vanguard Guide to Creating and Using Capability Charts (PDF)


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Numbers are the life blood of management decisions but the value of the decisions to the organisation depends upon how the numbers are understood.

This workbook is presented in a Self Learn format. This provides you, as the learner, with a flexible means to gain skills and knowledge which subsequently can be developed and applied within the work environment. The Self Learn format provides a structure through which learning can occur.

In Self Managed Learning, the learner is actively involved throughout. Objectives are set, basic principles explained and activities completed. This approach tests the learning by applying the skills and knowledge against practical work related situations. Performance is self-assessed. In working through this workbook, you will have the responsibility for your own progress. Having chosen what and how to learn, you will be able to choose also when and where you do it. You can work in your own way, at your own pace and at a time convenient to you. This method of learning encourages you to draw from your own experiences and apply your expertise.

On completion of this workbook you should be able to do the following:

  •   Describe the concept of process capability and its application to organisational performance.

  •   Identify the difference between processes that are in control and therefore predictable and processes that are not in control and therefore not predictable.

  •   Create a plot of process capability and interpret it.

  •   Use plots of capability to influence management activity.



Introduction to Vanguard Self Managed Learning



Section 1: Process Capability

Section 2: Variation: The Manager's friend and opponent

Section 3: How to construct an SPC plot of process capability

Section 4: Learning from the plot

Section 5: Learning from special causes of variation in performance


Section 6: Recognising that a significant change has occurred in performance capability

Section 7: Acting on causes of variation through understanding how the work works

Section 8: Using samples (subsets) to construct the plot

Section 9: Typical questions people ask about SPC plots

Appendix 1: Control chart constants

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