A leader’s journey to beyond



Toby Rubbra outlines the journey that leaders take when they go beyond traditional 'Command and Control' thinking.  Toby describes one leader's experience, which begins with an overflowing diary managing multiple projects, change initiatives, and service delivery traffic lights.  

With a growing curiosity about what she was doing and how she was doing it, Toby outlines how Andrea learnt to make the invisible visible.  This enables leaders to support others to lead and, crucially, to make informed choices about where and how to change.

Next on the journey, Toby describes how a leader's current 'Command and Control' operating assumptions drive strategies and actions.  These have unintended consequences on service, cost, revenue, and morale.

Supporting managers to see the same things for themselves is key to going beyond traditional 'Command and Control' thinking.  Toby describes choices leaders have in designing learning opportunities for their teams and transforming their operations, with surprising results.

John Seddon, Vanguard's Managing Director, introduces Keith Mansfield, former Friends Life senior leader.  Keith describes his own experiences of going beyond 'Command and Control' thinking and the results that were achieved by doing this.