Confronting conventions in strategy and change


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Vanguard's Barry Wrighton outlines the growing conventions that:

  • strategy and good governance requires separation from operations in order to make board-level decision making objective,
  • changes to 'the work' can be specified away from the work and the new specification can be inspected for compliance.

With examples from Financial Services, Desktop Services, and other sectors, Barry describes what senior leaders learnt about the consequences of these assumptions.

Confronting these conventions with counter-intuitive truths improves service, lowers costs, improves efficiency and revenue, and improves morale: Barry explains how.

John Seddon, Vanguard's Managing Director, introduces Keith Mansfield, former Friends Life senior leader.  Keith describes his reality running a call centre and how learning to see differently changed his perspective on decision making, target setting, skill sets, and reducing costs.